Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Gumbamail

We are answering some of the most frequent questions from our users below. If you need more specific information about how to use the platform, you can always have a look at our user manuals.

  • Installing the extension is a simple process that will only take a few steps:

    1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and click on the Install button

    2. The extension will be immediately added to your browser and you will be prompted to Gmail.

    3. You will need to be logged into your Gmail account to install the extension.

    4. If you are not logged into your Gmail account, you will have to do so first to install the extension.

    5. The next step is to activate your account.

    Go to our support article to know more about how to install Gumbamail.

  • The only two steps you will need to start using Gumbamail are installing the extension on your Chrome browser and activating your account with a Gmail account.

  • The sending of your email campaigns will take place in Gumbamail’s system, which means that Gmail’s daily sending limit (up to 2000 emails/day) does not apply to your campaigns. You will be able to send as many emails to as many recipients as you like.

  • You can customize any of our more than 800 free templates or design your own from scratch. You can create beautiful designs with our drag & drop editor without the need to know HTML.

  • Yes, you can select our free plan to use Gumbamail as long as you want and without limitations. Check out our pricing plans to know what our free plan includes.

  • When you create an account in Gumbamail, we request access to your Gmail account for the following purposes:

    • Have access to and download your Google Drive files: we need this to look for your recipient list in your spreadsheets from Google Drive.

    • Have access to and download your contacts from Google Contacts: we need this to retrieve your contacts from Google and add them to your recipient lists.

    • Have access to, make changes and delete your spreadsheets from Google Drive: we need this to be able to process your recipients’ data from a spreadsheet that you have previously selected.

    • Under no circumstances will we request access to your Gmail account to look at, change or send emails on your behalf.

    • Have a look at our privacy policy to know more about this topic.

  • At the moment, using a credit card is the only available payment method. You may use a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express card.

  • None of our pricing plans have minimum-term commitment, which means you can cancel your plan immediately after you want to do so.

  • You may cancel your account at any time. In order to do so, go to the MY ACCOUNT view. Bear in mind that all of your campaigns, templates, recipient lists and settings will be deleted permanently once you cancel your account.

    Learn more about how to cancel your account by clicking on this article.

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