Gumbamail, the best alternative to Mailking

Find all features and pricing info to decide which email marketing tool inside Gmail works best for you.

Gmass vs. Gumbamail

Mailking vs Gumbamail: a detailed comparison

On the table below you can find all differences and similarities between Gumbamail and Mailking when it comes to features and pricing to consider which one could work best for you.

Gumbamail Mailking
Pricing $9.66/month $14.99/month
Daily sending limit Unlimited Unlimited
Drag & Drop template editor Yes Yes
Free templates Wide range of ready to use templates in Gmail Limited range of templates in Gmail, you can get access to more templates if you connect with Mailchimp
Import from a .csv file, Google Sheets or Google Contacts Yes Yes
Mail Merge Yes Yes
Schedule email campaigns Yes Yes
Advanced reporting & analytics of your campaigns and recipient lists Yes No
Customized email and name sender Yes Yes
Support in Spanish and English Yes No, support only for paying customers

What is Mailking

Mailking is an extension available on the Chrome Store and on Google Workspace Marketplace (former Gsuite) to send email marketing campaigns in Gmail. Even though you can send an email campaign with Mailking in a few steps, it also has some limitations when it comes to email reporting and customizable email templates that other tools include.

Mailking vs. Gumbamail

Why choose Gumbamail

Even though they both have similar features, Gumbamail is a much better option for these reasons:

No daily sending limit, for a better price

Both Gumbamail and Mailking manage your emails from their own email servers, which means you can send as many emails daily as you like (Gmail has an email quota of 500 daily emails with a free Gmail account and 2,000 a day with a business email account).

Better equipped and easier-to-use email template editor

Customizing your email designs is as easy as it gets with the Gumbamail drag & drop template editor, just add or modify the content you need. Once finished, you can send a responsive, visually-appealing email with the correct HTML that will look good on any screen or device.

Big template selection

Once you sign up, you can already start customizing one of the 800 ready-made HTML templates for free or you can also design your own from scratch to fit your brand identity. No need to connect with third parties to have access to these templates.

Flexible and complete email list management

Flexible because you can import your recipients from a .csv file or connect with Google Sheets or Google Contacts. Complete email list management because you can access detailed information for each list without leaving Gmail: subscribes, unsubscribes, average open and click-through rate, and average opt-ins and opt-outs.

Visual reporting dashboard for each email list and campaign that you can also export

Each email campaign and list has its own reports that you can check at any time directly from your Gmail, or you can export to a .csv file. Make use of all the valuable data you need to make sure your campaigns make an impact: delivered and bounced emails, opened, click-throughs, and unsubscribes.

Gumbamail takes EU-GDPR and CAN-Spam Act seriously

Gumbamail templates all include an unsubscribe link connected to your recipient lists, while you would have to remember to include an opt-out link in all of your emails using Mailking. Be fully compliant with email best practices without any extra effort.

Choose the best plan for you

Our plans depend mostly on the number of emails per month to be sent. You can start by adding Gumbamail for free to your Gmail account and explore all the features of the extension. Check them out and find the best solution for your needs

Explore Gumbamail’s features. No credit card information needed
Small businesses that need to stay in touch with their contacts
For large businesses that want to design the best email experience
For medium size businesses that need more personalisation
Emails per month
Daily limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
No limit
Logo in email
No limit
No limit
No limit
Campaign report
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