Alternative to Gmass: Gumbamail

Gumbamail is an alternative to Gmass that offers a wider range of features to send email marketing campaigns without leaving Gmail.

Gmass vs. Gumbamail

Gmass vs Gumbamail: detailed comparison

On the table below you can find all differences between Gumbamail and Gmass to consider which one can cater best to your email sending needs.

Gumbamail Gmass
Pricing $9.66/month $8.95/month
Daily sending limit Unlimited 2.000
Drag & Drop template editor Yes No
Free templates Yes No
Import from a .csv file, Google Sheets or Google Contacts Yes Yes
Mail Merge Yes Yes
Schedule email campaigns Yes Yes
Advanced reporting & analytics of your campaigns and recipient lists Yes Yes
Customized email and name sender Yes Yes
Support in Spanish and English Yes No

What is Gmass

Gmass is a plugin that enables you to send email marketing campaigns and mass emails from Gmail. It is one of the most popular plugins for this purpose and, even though it certainly offers many benefits, it also presents some inconveniences in comparison to other similar tools. Basically, it is not the most intuitive and it presents some limitations when it comes to email campaign customization.

Gmass vs. Gumbamail

Why choose Gumbamail

Gumbamail offers a wide range of benefits that other providers such as Gmass do not:

No daily sending limit

Gumbamail uses its own email servers, which means you do not have to comply with Gmail’s daily sending limit (500 emails a day with a free Gmail account and 2,000 emails a day with a G Suite account).

Template editor

You will be able to create and easily customize visually appealing and responsive HTML templates using an easy-to-use drag & drop editor.


You can use more than 800 ready-made HTML templates for free which are easy to customize or you can also design your own to fit your brand identity.

Simple email list management

You can import your recipient lists easily from a .csv file, a Google Drive spreadsheet or Google Contacts.

EU-GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act compliance

Unlike Gmass, where you have to manage unsubscribes manually by adding an opt-out link, Gumbamail’s templates all include an unsubscribe link by default that is connected to your email lists. You will only send emails to those interested, period. Be fully compliant with email best practices without any management on your side.



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