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8 Email Newsletter Examples to Stay Top-of-Mind With Potential Buyers

As a small business owner, what’s the most valuable marketing tool at your disposal? According to the Content Marketing Institute, the overwhelming majority (81%) of marketers believe it’s email newsletters.

Email newsletters are a great way to stay top-of-mind with new and potential customers. Since it can take up to eight touch points (i.e., eight pieces of content) to make a sale, newsletters keep your target audience engaged until they’re primed to buy. With an email newsletter, you can share a variety of topics with your list, including new product lines, upcoming events, new internal hires, company expansions or store openings, and industry updates.

Since a newsletter packs a great deal of information into a single message, the design and user experience (UX) of your message is crucial. Poor newsletter design could make your message feel confusing, unorganized, or just plain cramped to readers — all of which will decrease engagement. To prevent all of the above from taking place, we’re sharing several gorgeous email newsletter examples to include in your marketing strategy.

8 of the Best Email Newsletter Examples Marketers Are Fawning Over

Email newsletter examples: Gumbamail email templates

​​Publishing a successful newsletter combines relevant content, effective use of white space, and an easy-to-absorb newsletter template. To send out a great newsletter to your audience, consider using these eye-catching email templates from Gumbamail.

1. Quotes Newsletter

Email newsletter examples: Gumbamail's Quotes Newsletter template

Whether you work in a service-based or product-based business, client testimonials are crucial to your success. If you want to share a new case study, new project launch, or simply some words of love from your client base, you might want to use the “Quotes newsletter.”

With a bold, animated header, you can share a few happy words from your customers. Throughout the template, you’ll find a two-column layout where you can share an image plus a quote from the client. For imagery, consider sharing the product or a screenshot of your recent client project.

2. Reporter

Email newsletter examples: Gumbamail's Reporter template

If your company publishes a great deal of content, consider selecting the “Reporter” template for your monthly newsletter. This newsletter features eight call-to-action (CTA) buttons to capture the reader’s attention and drive them to different articles published on your website.

Since this is a content-heavy layout, keep your copywriting to a minimum. Start your newsletter with a two-sentence intro, with all remaining content blocks kept to a single sentence of paragraph text. Lastly, remember to prioritize your content, placing your most-shared content first, and more niche topics further down your message.

3. Colorful Travel Newsletter

Email newsletter examples: Gumbamail's Colorful Travel Newsletter template

If you’re an influencer or content creator, you may want to consider leveraging the “Colorful travel newsletter” template. This curated weekly newsletter shares your top three pieces of content from the week, whether it’s a new blog content, viral social media posts, or even third-party articles.

Forewarning about this template: There is very little white space included. Instead, you’ll swap out the current background images for on-brand design elements of your choosing. Select imagery with blank space so the text remains easy to read. Pro tip: Consider adding a color overlay to create more contrast between the background and paragraph text.

4. Business Newsletter

Email newsletter examples: Gumbamail's Business Newsletter template

If you own a B2B company, your sales cycle is exponentially longer than most B2C companies. In fact, research shows that nearly half of all B2B sales cycles extend between 1-6 months.

A longer sales cycle typically needs a longer email nurture campaign, positioning your firm as a thought leader within the space. Send high-quality email content to your target audience, explaining why you are best suited to solve certain pain points. Consider utilizing the “Business newsletter” from Gumbamail, which has longer text blocks to explain your unique competitive edge.

5. Colorful Newsletter

Gumbamail's Colorful Newsletter template

Who doesn’t love a bright, bold color palette? This email newsletter example adds a bit of flare to your digital marketing strategy, with fun, full-width images, clear CTA buttons, and playful fonts. While you should absolutely swap out color palettes and typography to fit your branding, you can use this newsletter idea to bring a bit of playfulness to your content strategy.

For content ideas, share a roundup of podcasts you love, product updates, upcoming webinars and events, or industry news. Toward the bottom of the template, share three social media posts that gained a lot of traction from your followers.

6. Welcome to My Newsletter

Gumbamail's Welcome to My Newsletter template

Want to know the biggest mistake you can make when sending your company newsletter? Not giving new subscribers a heads up about the type of content they should expect to receive (or worse, not getting their permission to email them in the first place).

Sending email marketing campaigns without subscribers’ permission isn’t just bad form — it’s downright illegal. Therefore, whenever someone joins your email list, always use a double opt-in strategy and send a welcome email to new subscribers. With the “Welcome to my newsletter” template, you’ll confirm the reader’s subscription and give them a preview of the type of emails they should expect from you.

7. Artist Spotlight Newsletter

Gumbamail's Artist Spotlight Newsletter template

Is your company gearing up for your next client event? Consider using the “Artist spotlight newsletter” from Gumbamail, which features newsletter content including text, images, and even videos to garner excitement for a workshop, store opening, or online course.

This email newsletter design features various sections where you can share client testimonials, spotlight product photos, or share a video previewing your event. However, unlike other templates in this list, this design features one CTA button guiding readers toward a single landing page. Using multiple CTA buttons can often distract readers, while a single call-to-action helps boost conversions for your upcoming event.

8. Newspaper

Gumbamail's Newspaper template

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, startup, or a small business owner, it’s highly unlikely that you have a fully staffed marketing department. Therefore, you might not have bandwidth to publish more than a monthly blog post and a weekly post on your social channels — and that’s OK!

Even if you don’t have a large content library, you can still position yourself as a thought leader in your space by sharing third-party content. The “Newspaper” template is a great email option for small business owners, as it comes in a gorgeous magazine-style format. You can share recent industry articles, podcast episodes, or upcoming events hosted by industry partners.

Launch Your Company Email Newsletter From Gumbamail

Good email newsletter combines effective layouts, white space, snappy copy, and clear CTA buttons to build trust with your audience. Hopefully, these eight examples gave you a dose of inspiration for your own email marketing strategy.

But before you send your first eblast, you need the right tools. Gumbamail is the easy-to-use, affordable email marketing platform built exclusively for small business owners. Gumbamail comes complete with built-in marketing analytics, 800+ email templates, a drag-and-drop email builder, and custom branding options to help launch your company newsletter. All newsletter templates automatically come with an unsubscribe link in the footer, allowing you to respect readers’ inboxes and stay legally compliant. Lastly, Gumbamail comes with a forever-free pricing option, with paid plans starting at just $9 per month — fitting perfectly into your small business budget.

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