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10 Free Email Marketing Templates for Every Small Biz Need

Want to send on-brand, high-converting email campaigns to your subscriber base? Writing a well-worded message and subject line is just the beginning. Once you move past the copywriting phase, it’s time for the fun part: design.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic designer or know a single line of code to send a gorgeous email marketing campaign. With the right email marketing software, you can customize pre-designed email marketing templates to transform readers into loyal customers. Below, we dive into a collection of drag-and-drop, responsive email templates that can help promote your brand.

10 Customizable Email Marketing Templates and How to Use Them

Gumbamail email marketing templates

Email templates make it easy to connect with consumers. With the right marketing platform functionality, simply swap out text, images, color palettes, and typography to fit your brand, then link each button to your website. Below, we explore 10 free templates to help launch numerous types of email campaigns.

Note: To access the below templates, be sure to have the Gumbamail plugin installed in Gmail (don’t worry, it’s free!).

1. Announce Your New Storefront

Email marketing templates: Coffee big email template

Are you about to open your first (or second … or third) brick and mortar location? Use the “Coffee big” template from Gumbamail to announce your grand opening. Use the drag-and-drop editor to include a photo of your shop, write a few sentences about your launch, then link to your homepage as your call to action (CTA). Below your main CTA, the template offers space to showcase a few best-selling products.

2. Recommend Fan-Favorite Products

Email marketing templates: Organic rainbow email template

Research shows that repeat customers spend 31% more on average than first-time buyers. So, how do you transform a one-time purchase into a loyal customer?

One proven way to earn a repeat purchase is by studying the past order history of your audience. From there, segment your list and email current customers a list of recommended products. With the “Organic rainbow” layout, you have plenty of space to create a list of related products based on a past purchase. Include a product photo, name, and one-sentence review from happy customers to help increase conversions.

3. Alert Customers Their Order Shipped

Email marketing templates: Order on its way email template

Email automation isn’t just about sending on-brand, beautifully designed, and wordsmithed campaigns. An efficient email marketing strategy helps create a positive experience for your current and potential customers — including keeping them up-to-date on purchases.

Use the “Order on its way” template to alert customers their purchase has been shipped. For the main CTA, link to a landing page with the order’s tracking number. Finally, consider adding a special coupon at the bottom of the email for customers to use toward their next purchase.

4. Showcase Your Latest Work

Email marketing templates: Freelancer portfolio email template

Email marketing campaigns help build trust with your target audience, thereby nurturing leads into sales. As part of a nurture (or “drip”) campaign, you can send client testimonials and/or case studies to current prospects.

The “Freelancer portfolio” email template allows you to highlight a collection of your recent favorite work. Start with an overview of your services, with a button guiding readers to contact you or visit the about page of your website. Next, include different projects in the body of your message, including an image, a 1-2 sentence overview, and a link for subscribers to view the rest of the project.

5. Countdown to an Upcoming Event

Email marketing templates: Reminder event series email template

The overwhelming majority (78%) of event planners say that email is their preferred digital marketing channel. Leveraging email marketing automation can help increase ticket sales and (hopefully!) lead to a sold-out event.

To help garner excitement for your next big event — whether it be a webinar, holiday sale, live podcast recording, or customer appreciation event — use the “Reminder event series” template. This free email template features an animated countdown bar, event details, and even an embedded map of your event location. At the bottom, include mail-to link where readers can submit questions surrounding the event. (Psst! For a well-rounded campaign, send event-goers the “Follow up event series” template after the event, with videos, images, and links to popular content.)

6. Offer Free Content

Download freebie email template

Want to know one of the easiest ways to grow your email list? Offer high-quality, free content to new subscribers. Create an e-book, webinar, shopping list, how-to guide, worksheet, or other deliverable, then give readers free access when they join your list.

Once a new subscriber signs up, send them a welcome email with their freebie attached. The “Download freebie” template in Gumbamail allows you to showcase a photo and a brief description of your deliverable. At the bottom, readers can click a bold CTA button where they can download the document directly to their computer.

7. Keep Readers Engaged With a Regular Newsletter

Colorful newsletter email template

Let’s face it: Most subscribers won’t immediately make a purchase when they join your list. Therefore, you want to stay top-of-mind with your audience, so when decision time comes, your brand is the first they think about.

One of the most efficient ways to keep readers engaged is through an email newsletter template. With Gumbmail’s “Colorful newsletter” template, you have plenty of space to share recent announcements, popular blog posts, or upcoming events. At the bottom, you can share links to your three most recent (or most popular!) social media posts.

8. Give a Deadline to Re-Engage Former Customers

Last chance email template

Sometimes, past customers need a little incentive to make a second purchase — and by incentive, we mean a firm deadline.

As a re-engagement campaign, send past customers a special promo code that must be used by a set date (ideally, within two weeks). The “Last chance” email marketing template from Gumbamail informs readers they have a tight window to capitalize on a worthwhile deal (in this case, 50% off). The short timeframe will create a sense of urgency amongst your target audience, encouraging them to take advantage of the special promotional email.

9. Position Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Real estate email template

An effective email marketing strategy can help increase sales, build brand loyalty, and position yourself as an expert in your respective industry. To accomplish all of the above, launch a nurture campaign with third-party articles, helpful links, or tutorials related to your sector.

For example, the “Real estate” template can be used by Airbnb superhosts, real estate agents, or property managers to help showcase their portfolio. The email design offers space to discuss hot property deals, new listings, weekend getaway packages, or other content related to readers’ interests.

10. Celebrate the Holidays

Holiday deals email template

The holidays are a critical time for small business owners. In fact, in October 2021, 78% of small businesses stated that holiday sales would determine whether they stayed afloat in 2022.

To help set yourself up for success during the holiday season, send out transactional email highlighting a few special deals. The “Holiday deal” email marketing template allows you to promote the hottest product of the season. Each product links to its original sales page, or you can link to the homepage of your e-commerce site at the bottom of the email.

Launch Your Next Email Campaign With Gumbamail

Gumbamail Gmail

Executing flawless email design doesn’t need to drain your time, budget, or internal resources. With the right marketing tools, you can transform pre-built email templates into an on-brand campaign.

To do all of the above, download Gumbamail — the marketing automation provider that works in conjunction with your existing Gmail account. With Gumbamail, you gain access to 800+ pre-designed templates, a built-in CRM system, and a drag-and-drop email builder. Plus, Gumbamail comes with an always-free pricing plan, fitting perfectly within your small business budget.

Stop sending boring, plain-text email campaigns. Download the Gumbamail app to send gorgeous email marketing campaigns today.