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4 Ways to Implement Email Targeting to Boost Sales

Want your promo email to make a good impression? You’ve got 10 seconds.

No, that’s not a typo. Research shows the average person spends just 10 seconds reading each email. Therefore, you need to ensure each message sent is relevant to the recipient, making it well worth their time and interest. Otherwise, your carefully crafted message will quickly be deleted — or worse, end up flagged as spam.

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How RSS to Email Automates Your Email Marketing Strategy

Want to save time as a marketer? Remember this: Every time you produce a piece of content, repurpose it as another piece of content.

In other words, if you write a blog post, try to get 2-3 social media posts from that one article. If you host an event, record it and save it as a webinar. Every time you publish a podcast, you can transcribe it as a blog post.

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How to (Legally) Bypass the Gmail Email Limit With Gumbamail

As a business owner, email is nonnegotiable. Email helps you communicate with vendors, promote your upcoming product line, and move leads throughout the sales funnel.

Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive marketing automation software — or even a separate email address — to accomplish all the above. In fact, you can sell, promote, and communicate with your audience straight from your existing Gmail account, with a few limitations.

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How to Easily Access 800+ Gmail Templates

As a small business owner, there’s one thing you never seem to have enough of — time.

Research shows that roughly half of small business owners only have two hours per week to market their business. Frankly, this doesn’t offer many spare minutes to post on social media, follow up with sales leads, or send out a promo email discussing your new product line.

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